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Q: Can 1000mg of amoxycillin harm you 3 time a day?
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How do you gain one pound of muscle per day?

1g or 1000mg of androstene per day.

Which antibiotic is best in otitis media?

Amoxycillin 40 mg / kg per day in divided doses

What effect can taking 1000mg a day of Vitamin C for over five years have on someone?

Taking 1000mg a day of Vitamin C will have a positive effect on your immune system. It will also continually help to relieve stress and rebuild your adrenals.

Can you ruin clothing if left in the washer for a day?

I do it all the time. No harm to clothes.

Is 1037 mg sodium per day a healthy diet?

Recommended intake: 1000mg Maximum intake: 2300mg

Stitches - is there harm in not getting them out in time All walk in clinics are closed and it's day 8 for me - will another day or two be an issue?

A day won't hurt, but DO get them out soon.

What is the recommended amount of vitamin C needed for somebody who is pregnant and based on the fact that a non-pregnant person needs 1000mg?

The recommended intake in the USA is 75mg a day, far from 1000mg a day. But if you eat a normal diet you don't have to add anything. Vitamin C is not generally a something we are missing today. When pregnant you can stick to 75mg a day. Vitamin C Is not harmful for a pregnant woman.

Natural herbs for psorasis?

i find evening primrose oil capsules help, 3 a day, 1000mg strength, available from health food stores, or chemists

If i smoke a single cigratte in a day.. is this is harm?

Yes, even if you have just a single cigarette a day, it is still doing your body harm. The best way to not harm your body is to not smoke or ingest those items that are not good for you.

If a person is taking depakote 1000mg per day what is his stage of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is not a disorder that comes in stages. If you are referring to how "bipolar" this person is, well, they are bipolar. So really, how moody they are depends on the day.

Can you take two Tylenol 3 with codine?

Two - every 4 hours, and even three - every 6 hours. The matter is that the maximum dose of acetaminophen for adults is 1000mg at a time, and 4000mg per day. Tylenol 3 contains 300mg of acetaminophen. That is, not more than three Tylenol doses at a time.

Is it safe to eat Atlantic salmon every day?

It probably is safe, as eating fish every day, in moderate portions shouldn't do a person any harm. There are people who do eat salmon every day, and it doesn't harm them.