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Yes, in fact, that is one of ANOVA's chief uses.

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Q: Can ANOVA be used to test proposed relationships or predicted correlations between variables in a single group?
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Can ANOVA be used to test proposed relationships or predicted correlations between variables in a single?

To it cannot.

What are the proposed correlations between Vitamin C and LSD?

Some people say that eating oranges can make the psychedelic trip more vivid.

What is the relationship between theory concept and variable?

A theory is a model or framework that explains the relationship between different concepts. Concepts are the building blocks of a theory, representing abstract ideas or mental constructs. Variables, on the other hand, are measurable representations of these concepts that can vary or change. The variables are used to test the relationships proposed by the theory through empirical research.

What is the meaning of cause and effect hypothesis?

A cause and effect hypothesis is a proposed explanation stating that one phenomenon (the cause) leads to or influences another phenomenon (the effect). It suggests that changes in the cause will result in changes in the effect, allowing researchers to test and analyze relationships between variables.

Worked with a guy for 1 month and while he was leaving he proposed is he serious?

If he proposed seriously...then I would say yes. Some people are just QUICK at relationships.

What will happen if your hypothesis is correct?

If the hypothesis is correct, it means that the predicted relationship or pattern between variables is supported by the data collected. This would provide evidence in favor of the proposed explanation or theory, increasing our understanding of the phenomenon being studied. It may lead to further research, validation of existing theories, and potentially practical applications or implications.

What is a synonym for expected?

anticipated, proposed, predictable, due, likely, coming, awaited, foreseen, hoped for, looked for, predicted

What is a proposed explanation for a problem called?

A proposed explanation for a problem is known as a hypothesis. It is a statement that suggests a possible cause-and-effect relationship between two or more variables, which can be tested through observations or experiments to determine its validity.

In psychology Which social-cognitive theorist argues that behavior is influenced by situation variables and person variables?

Albert Bandura is a social-cognitive theorist who argues that behavior is influenced by both situation variables and person variables. He proposed the concept of reciprocal determinism, which suggests that behavior is shaped by the interaction between personal factors, environmental factors, and behavior itself.

What is the Proposed explanation for a problem or observation?

The proposed explanation for a problem or observation is a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a testable statement that suggests a cause-and-effect relationship between variables. It serves as the starting point for scientific investigations to determine if it can be supported or refuted through research or experimentation.

Hypothesis must be proposed in what way?

A hypothesis is proposed as a testable statement that predicts the relationship between two or more variables in a research study. It typically describes the expected outcome or result of the research project based on existing knowledge or theories.

Who said that society is a web of social relationship?

Γ‰mile Durkheim, a French sociologist, proposed the concept that society is a web of social relationships. He emphasized the interconnectedness of individuals within society and how these relationships shape social institutions and structures.