Can a octagon tile

Updated: 12/18/2022
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You will have smaller square or triangular gaps between them.

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Q: Can a octagon tile
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Can a octagon tile a flat surface alone?

A regular octagon cannot tile a flat surface, it needs squares as fillers. An irregular octagon can tile a flat surface alone.

Can an octagon and another octagon tile with each other?


Does a octagon tile the plane?

A regular octagon will not tessellate but an irregular one can.

Can an irregular octagon tile alone?

Yes it can. A regular octagon cannot.

Can an octagon tile with a square?


Can regular octagon tile the plane?

Not by itself.

Will a square and regular octagon tile?


Can a regular octagon be used to tile a floor?

it can in accompaniment with squares.

Does a square and regular octagon tile like a plane?

No because when u tile an octogon it doesn't have a measure for a square

Why doesn't an octagon tile?

Because the sum of where the vertices meet is 270°. The sum of where the vertices meet needs to be 360° in order for it to tile.

Can regular octagon tile a plane?

Well, if you take the regular octagon on the plane, security will likely confiscate it before you can board. The consequences are 8-10 years in prison. Now if you were to successfully get the regular octagon onto the plane, would it tile the plan? This depends on what type of tile you're talking about. A wooden tile can most definitely be achieved, and I've heard rumor that marble tiles are a difficult, yet feasible task. On the other hand, a porcelain tile has yet to be done, and I assume it to be impossible, along with most mosaic and vinyl tiles. If you find differently, please let me know. * * * * * Oh, that's so funny! To answer to the question: Not on its own.

Its possible to create a regular tessellation with a regular octagon?

No - because they would leave a small, square-shaped space between each tile.