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In Euclidean geometry, they can only intersect in 0, 1 or infinitely many points. If there are two points of intersection then the whole line lies in the plane.

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Q: Can a plane and a line ever intersect in two points?
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Can a line and a plane intersect at exactly two points?

No, that isn't possible.

Is it true if points are collinear they are also coplanar?

Yes, any points that are located on the same line will also be on the same plane. You can have more than one plane intersect a given line, but any points on that line will necessarily be on all the planes that intersect that line.

A plane in which a horizontal number line and vertical number line intersect at their zero points?

The coordinate plane or grid.

How many points are you a intersection of a line and a plane?

There are two possible answers; if the line is crossing the plane at an angle, then the line and the plane only intersect at one point. However, if the line is part of the plane, then the entire line intersects with the plane, and there are an infinite number of intersecting points.

A plane in which a horizontal number line and a vertical number line intersect at their zero points?

Cartesian Or the origin

Can two planes intersect in infinitely many points?

yes, it may be the two plane intersect at one line or the two planes are coincident.

Do three lines that intersect at the same point have to be at the same plane?

No they can be Collinear - Points that lie on the same line.

How often do lines intersect 2 points?

In plane Euclidean geometry, only onle line can go through two distinct points.

What is a closed plane figure formed by three or more line segments that intersect only at their end points?


where does a plane intersect in geometry?

A plane intersects a line at a point, and i plane intersects another plane at a line.

When does a plane and line intersect at one point?

When the line is inclined to the plane. That is, it is not in the plane nor is it parallel to it.

What is Three points determine a plane?

If you were to have 3 points on the same line, then you would actually not be determining a plane, because there are infinitely many planes that can intersect a given line. But if you have 3 points in the form of the points (or vertices) of a triangle, then you determine a plane in the sense that there is only one possible plane upon which that triangle can be drawn (not including a degenerate triangle, which is equivalent to a line).

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