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adjacent angles can be complementary and supplementary you can see a video of khan

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Q: Can adjacent angles be supplementary complementary or neither?
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Related questions

Can adjacent angles be complementary supplementary or neither?

They can be all of those.

Why do complementary or supplementary angles not have to be adjacent?

complementary angles measures add to 90 and supplementary angles measures add to 180. Whether they are next to each other or not does not matter.

How do you determine whether the angles are complementary supplementary or neither?

Complementary angles add up to 90 degrees whereas supplementary angles add up to 180 degrees.

Do the angles in complementary and supplementary angles have to be adajacent to each other?

No, complementary angles need to ADD and EQUAL 90 degrees. Supplementary angles need to ADD/EQUAL 180 degrees. They do not necessarily need to be adjacent to each other, they only have to add up... Complementary = 90, Supplementary = 180

Are adjacent angles in a parallelogram are supplementary?

Adjacent angles in a parallelogram are supplementary.

What is a complementery angle?

Complementary are angles two adjacent angles that add up to 90 decrees. Supplementary are angles two adjacent angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Are complementary angles always adjacent?

Are complementary angles alwys adjacent?

Are the adjacent angles of a rhombus supplementary?

Yes, adjacent angles are supplementary; however, opposite angles are not.

What is complementary supplementary in angles?

complementary angles are 2 angles that add to 90 supplementary are 2 angles that add to 180

What are adjacent supplementary angles?

The adjacent Supplementary angles are the sum of 2 angles that make 180 degrees.

Does a rhombus have opposite angles that are supplementary?

No. The adjacent angles are supplementary.

Are the angles of a trapezoid supplementary complementary or corresponding?

The answer is supplementary! :-)

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