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no. it is three acute angel

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Q: Can an acute triangle have only one acute angle?
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If a triangle has one acute angle is the triangle acute?

yes, it only needs one acute angle out of the three to make it an acute triangle.

If a triangle has only 1 acute angle what type of triangle is it?

If you mean 1 acute interior angle, then it's a logical and geometric impossibility.A triangle can't have only one acute interior angle.

Does an acute triangle only have one acute angle?

No it has three acute angles

Is it possible to draw a triangle that has only one acute angle?


Can a triangle with a obtuse angle have two acute angles?

Yes. A triangle can have only one obtuse angle. The other two angles will always be acute.

If one angle in a triangle is acute can the other two angle also be acute?

Yes. In this case a triangle is called an acute triangle.

Which triangle has two acute angles and one obtuse angle?

If you are classifying triangles by their angles, an obtuse triangle has one obtuse angle and two acute angles. A triangle can have at most one obtuse angle. If the two acute angles are congruent, the triangle would also be isosceles.

What is the difference between a right an acute and obtuse triangle?

A right triangle has one angle a right angle (90o) An obtuse triangle has one angle an obtuse angle (> 90o) An acute triangle has all angles acute (< 90o)

Are two right triangle similar if an acute angle of one triangle is congruent to an acute angle of the other triangle?


How can you determine if a triangle is acute obtuse or right triangle?

If all of the angles in a triangle are acute then it is an acute triangle. If one angle is right (or 90 degrees) then it is a right triangle. If one angle is obtuse then it is an obtuse triangle.

If a triangle has one acute angle is the triangle necessarily acute?

No, an acute triangle must have all 3 angles under 90 degrees. A triangle can have an acute angle and still be a right triangle or an obtuse triangle.

Which triangle has one right angle and two acute angles?

a right triangle has one right angle and two acute angles