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Yes. They are called surds. They are also complex.

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Q: Can there ever be a real number root of a complex number?
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Is the square root of 24 real complex or imaginary?

The square root of any positive real number (as in this case) is a real number. (Such square roots are usually irrational.)The square root of a negative real number, such as the square root of -15, is an imaginary, and therefore also a complex, number.

What isn't a real number?

A complex number for example. Complex numbers involve i, the imaginary square root of -1.

Is the square root of 1 an irrational number?

No. An irrational number is still a real number - it lives on the number line.The square root of -1 (known as i) is an imaginary number. It is on the imaginary axis of the complex plane.A number with components from the real axis and the imaginary axis is a complex number, and is on the complex plane.

What is meant by a complex number?

A number of the form a+bi where a and b are real numbers and i is the square root of -1.

Can you cube root negative two?

yes, you can find a real root to the cube root of any negative real number. There will also be two complex roots which satisfy it, as well.

What is the meaning of the term complex numbers?

Complex numbers are numbers of the a + bi where a and b are real number and i is the imaginary square root of -1.

Can you have a quadratic function with one real root and one complex root?

No you can not. Complex roots appear as conjugates. if a root is complex so is its conjugate. so either the roots are real or are both coplex.

Is the square root of -100 rational?

The square root of 100 is rational since it is not repeating.

What will be the solution of root of -1?

There is no real number whose square root can be negative so there is no real solution. So mathematicians invented the imaginary number i with the property that i*i = -1 i is fundamental to complex numbers.

Is the square root a real number?

The square roots of any positive real number are a positive and a negative real number. The square roots of any negative real number are a positive and a negative imaginary number. The square roots of any imaginary number or any complex number are two complex numbers.

What is a real root?

In the context of algebra, the term real root refers to the solution to an equation which consists of a real number rather than an imaginary or complex number (a complex number being a combination of real and imaginary numbers). You may recall that any given equation will have the same number of roots (or solutions) as the highest exponent in the equation, so that if you are dealing with x squared, you have two roots. Often there would be one real root and one imaginary root. In general, the real roots are more useful, although there are some circumstances in which imaginary or complex roots are also relevant to what you are doingl.

Is square root -36 a irrational number?

The square root of negative 36 is an imaginary number and therefore not an irrational number. For a number to be irrational it must first be real.

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