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Any two lines that meet must be in a plane. The plane may not necessarily be horizontal or vertical such as X-Y or X-Z or Y-Z

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Q: Can two lines make a plane if they intersect at point?
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What do you need to make a polygon?

Three or more straight lines in a plane such that they intersect pairwise.

What way do perpendicular lines travel in?

Lines don't travel. Perpendicular lines are lines that make angles of 90 degrees with each other at the point where they intersect.

Can two lines never intersect but not be parallel?

If the lines are in the same plane and never intersect they are always parallel. Two line can not intersect and be parallel if they are in different planes though. Take a cube for example, if you have one Sid of it and take the edge and then go to the opposite side and make a horizontal line they will never intersect but are also not parallel.

What are the two parallel lines that cant intersect?

The question does not make sense. Parallel lines, by definition, do not intersect.

Do perpendicular lines always sometimes or never intersect?

Perpendicular lines always intersect and make 90 degree angles. Parallel lines never intersect with each other.

How are perpendicular lines different to intersecting lines?

Perpendicular lines have to intersect to make a right angle Like this: + Intersecting lines don't have to intersect to make a right angle Like this: X

How are perpendicular lines and intersecting line?

Both lines intersect other lines, but the difference is a perpendicular line intersects another line at a 90 degree angle meanwhile the intersecting lines can meet at any angle

What are lines that intersect which make acute and obtuse angles?

Non-perpendicular intersecting lines.

Two lines that intersect to make a right angle?


Two lines thet intersect and make right angles?


What are lines that intersect to make a right angle?

perpendicular. maybe you should get an education

Do diagonals of a rhombus make perpendicular lines?

Yes they intersect at 90 degrees