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Unfortunately, no.

You need three pieces of data to define a triangle, three sides, two sides and the angle between them, or two angles and the side between them.

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Q: Can you find the sides of a triangle given one side of 117 feet and one angle of 90 degrees?
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How do you find a missing angle of a right triangle given two sides?

180-x-y (x and y are the sides you already know) there are 180 degrees in a triangle. The remaining # is the last angle

A triangle with two congruent sides and an angle of 104 degrees is?

A triangle with two congruent sides is isosceles. A triangle with an angle of 104 degrees is obtuse. So you would have an obtuse isosceles triangle.

What is the measure of a triangle if one of the sides measure 75 degrees and the other 75 degrees?

The third angle is 30°, and there's no way to determine the lengths of the sides from the information given.

What is a triangle with an angle of 110 degrees and two congruent sides?

a scalene triangle

What is a triangle with no congruent sides and an angle of 90 degrees is?

the triangle is called right handed triangle

Can a triangle be classified as an acute triangle?

Yes. A triangle can be classified as: For angles 1. If a triangle has at least 1 angle that has an angle measure of more than 90 degrees, it can be called an obtuse triangle 2. If a triangle has 3 angles that are less than 90 degrees, it's a acute triangle. 3. If a triangle has an angle that has an angle measure of 90 degrees, it can be called and right triangle For sides: 1. All equal sides= equilateral. 2. 2 equal sides= Isosceles 3. No equal sides= scalene

Does a right angle triangle have 2 equal sides?

Not necessarily. A triangle with two equal sides is called an isoceles triangle. A right triangle has one angle that measures 90 degrees.

What triangle has 2 sides the same and the same length and a angle of 90 degrees?

An isosceles right angle triangle

Does a triangle only have one pair of parrell sides?

A triangle has no parallel sides but a right angle triangle has perpendicular sides that meet at 90 degrees.

What os a triangle with sides?

A triangle has 3 sides and 3 inside angle that add up to 180 degrees

If three sides of triangle are 8cm 6cm 10cm Then find largest angle?

It is a right angle triangle and its largest angle is 90 degrees

What triangle has equal sides?

It is an equilateral triangle that has 3 equal sides and 3 equal interior angle of 60 degrees.