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Q: Can you get pregnant after menopause and over 60?
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You are over 50 and have not had a period over a year could you be pregnant?

Or menopause.

Can you go into menapouse while pregnant?

Going into menopause is not like switching off a light. Menopause is a process that a woman's body goes through over some time. So, going into menopause while pregnant is highly unlikely.

Your wife has not had a period for 60 days?

She could be pregnant, she could be going through menopause, she could be stressed or she could be sick.

If you are 45 had a blood test with a high FSH and the doctor said you are in menopause can you still get pregnant?

If you are in menopause you wont get pregnant.

Can you get Pregnant when going throw menopause?

This is less likely, but never the less it is possible.Yes, you can get pregnant when you are going through menopause.

Is it possible to fall pregnant at the age of 44 first child?

Yes, every women has a different age at which they enter menopause and lose the ability to become pregnant. The oldest known women to become pregnant was over 70. While some women lose the ability before age 40. The average age range for a women to enter menopause is 40 to 60, with a few rare cases being higher or lower.

Can you be not pregnant and have no periods?

Yes. You might not have a period if you are extremely underweight, over stressed, or going through menopause.

Can you get pregnant during and after menopause?

During yes, after no.

Will you become pregnant after menopause with out protection?

If it is several years after menopause, pregnancy is unlikely. However, if you are still going through menopause, taking precautions would be wise.

What are the odds of a 51 yr old female becoming pregnant?

If a woman has already gone through menopause, she can no longer bear children. Menopause typically occurs between the ages of 40 and 60. If she has not gone through menopause, the best way to know her chances for reproduction is to consult a doctor.

Could a menopause test be affected if pregnant?

Generally if you're pregnant, you would not be menopausal. Menopause is the end of the fertile period in a women's life.

Can you get pregnant if you haven't had a period for 3 years?

Yes. You may still perhaps get pregnant unless you are at the age of 54 and over; then it is most likely you are past menopause, so you won't be able to get pregnant anymore.