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Can and should are very different. Lifting a truck changes how the truck handles and performs, destroying the carefully designed balance of the truck.

While it may be possible to lift it a foot, it will require changes to the drive train, steering, and brakes (at least), and should not be attempted without some very experienced help.

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Q: Can you lift a truck 12 inches with just blocks?
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How tall would a truck be with a 6 Rough Country lift and a 3 PA body lift?

it would be 21 inches off the ground

How can i put 28 inch wheels on a truck?

you'll need to get a lift kit of about 3 inches and that's it

How many people does it take to lift a monster truck?

Just one... redneck with really big tow truck

1999 Chevy Silverado Z71 and am getting ready to install a 3inch torsion key Lift The lift will lift the truck 3 inches in the front and 1inch in the rear will 33 tires fit and with what size Rims?

33s on 8" wide wheels should work fine just remember your speedo will be off

If i put 33x12.50 on your truck will you need a lift?

I have 33x12.5 on my truck and a three inch body lift

Who can I buy a lift truck from cheaply?

When you are looking for a lift truck, l would recommend the comparison sites like ebay and amazon. Many lift truck companies have accounts there, and customer feedback is useful in helping you to decide which lift truck would be suitable for your company.

Can i push a lift truck with another lift truck if one runs out of propane?

Yes. We do that all the time.

What is the number one type of lift truck accident?

Lift truck runs off loading dock

In height how much will a 2 and a half lift kit put you up?

2 inch lift kits are normally sold as lift blocks so they will lift the vehicle exactly 2 inches. Larger lift kits that achieve their lift with replacement springs will have some variability. This is due to sag over time as well as variations in the exact overall weight of the vehicle.

What is the cheapest way to lift a truck?

steal a lift from someone

How do you lift an ifs truck?

you buy a lift kit and have it installed.

How long will it take to complete lift truck training?

It is important to know all safety rules when it comes to using a lift truck. It can take anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes to complete lift truck training.