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i dont think so we can do medical without maths

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Q: Can you study medicine without maths and physics?
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Can one study dietician without maths and physics?

Yes. Depending on what aspects of him or her you wish to study, you may need psychology, biology, medicine.

What a levels are needed to study pharmacy?

The most important is chemistry, however biology maths and physics are good a levels to study medicine

How do you study engineering?

to know first maths and physics and chem

How do you become an astrounaut?

You study A level Maths and Physics. Then get a degree.

Do you need to be good at maths to study chemical engineering?

Yes, you have to be really good at maths, physics and chemistry.

Do you need to take physics in A level to study medicine?

Most universities like Oxford want:Chemistry andBiology and/or Maths and/or Physics.Though physics isn't necessary, you can still get into med school without it, it is a good option to take as it looks a lot at how things work.But if you don't do phys then you will need an A/A* in it at GCSE level

What subjects at A LEVEL do you need to study engineering?

Maths, physics and/or chemistry.

Do you need further maths or visual art to study medicine?


Which gcse subject need for software engineering?

You need: I.C.T, Maths, Additional Maths, Physics and Technology (and whatever else you want). You need additional maths to take on maths to AS Level. I.C.T is an absolute must and Technology goes well with it and Physics is 1/3 of the engineer part along with Technology and Maths.

What are the subject needed in abroad to study petrochemical engineering?

chemistry maths physics

What to study to become a meteorologist?

Get proficient in maths and physics, I.T helps a lot as well. Geography and environmental science are other options but maths and physics are the main two that you need.

Is there point in you taking a level maths when you have an A in Additional and are taking A level physics?

The answer depends on why you want to study maths. A level maths is at a significantly higher level that Additional.