Can you transport gold on planes?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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Q: Can you transport gold on planes?
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Why did Amelia Earhart used planes as means of transport?

She used planes because she loved flying.

What was the transport for Mesopotamians?

Planes,Boats, And The Wheel Were Used

What transport do Australians use?

Planes, trains and automobiles.

What transport is available from Dublin Airport?

Planes, taxis and buses.

What was transport like in Britain in 1750?

planes, trains, and automobiles

What does Cuba use to transport its goods?

planes or trains or cars

Why are planes invented?

to transport people or objects to different locations

Types of transport?

There are many types of transport. Air transport (planes, helicopters, etc), road transport (cars, trucks, trains, buses), and water transport (boats, ships etc)

Did planes transport people to the gold rush?

No. Passenger aircraft was not utilised by the public until well into the 20th century.

What is the purpose of a commercial transport plane?

In World War 2 commercial planes were used to transport troops, deliver cargo and move the President to places (and Elinor Roosevelt too). A Presidential plane was developed but I can't remember if it was as early as World War 2. World War 1 planes had not developed enough to have commercial large transport planes yet. The commercial planes also helped to free up the large military transport planes for other uses. The train however was still the main source of mass transportation in that era in the United States.

Name transport that need electricity to work?

planes, helecopters, trains,

What transport would you use to get to Antarctica?

ships boats planes ect