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Yes, I am pretty sure, I think

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Q: Can you use the jump strategy for multiplication?
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What are the multiplication strategies?

Some common multiplication strategies include the Latis Strategy, The Algebra Strategy, and the Stacking Strategy.

What is a jump-strategy?

Jump Strategy is when you jump by parts of a number to figure out a calculation.

What is the most efficient strategy for multiplication?

Learn your multiplication tables

What is another multiplication strategy?

column, grid, chinese

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One strategy to speed up the pace is to use very short chapters. In this way, the writer can "jump cut" between scenes.

What is the break apart strategy for multiplication?

take all the answers and add together

What does math term jump strategy mean?


What does stratergy means?

it is called strategy and it means what you use as in multiplication,division,addition,and subtraction.

How do you do jump strategy for maths?

The method of jump strategy can be applied to both adding and subtracting.If we use the sum 162 + 142 as an example:We start with 162 then we jump by adding the first unit of 142 (which is 100) which gives us 262. Then we add the second unit of 142 (which is 40) which gives us 302. Then we add the final unit of 142 (which is 2) which gives us an answer of 304.jump jump jump162 --100--> 262 --40--> 302--2--> 304Hope that makes sense.

What is the answer when you use multiplication?

The answer to a multiplication question is called the "Product".

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How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?

How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?Answer this question…