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Q: Cloth the europeans wanted from china?
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Cloth the Europeans wanted from asia?


What cloth did Europeans want from India and china?


How did the first europeans get what they wanted from china?

u know....

What did the Europeans want from India and China and Japan and Indonesia?

They wanted all of the good that they had.

Why did the Asians want to stop trading with Europeans?

The Asians wanted to stop trading with the Europeans basically because the Europeans had nothing they wanted or needed. The Opium war was what forced China to open up trades Britain.

How did America's Open Door policy clash with European spheres of influence?

America wanted free trade in China. Europeans wanted to control trading zones.

Why were the westerners forced to find another route to reach India and China?

The Europeans wanted to avoid the Muslims of the Middle East

What products did europeans want from asia?

Initially spices and then cotton cloth, silk, porcelain (from China) and later tea. Those were the primary products that were sought in Asia.

Why china was isolated from Europe?

For a while they were isolated because they wanted to preserve their culture. They feared the Europeans would destroyed them if they got too close.

The Chinese were eager to trade with europeans because their goods were far superior to those in china correct?

No they wanted to trade with Japan So It is false.

Why were European countries interested in china and India in the 1400s?

The Europeans were interest in China for their resources. China is one of the largest countries in the world with vast and diverse resources.

Had opium existed in china before the Europeans?

No, it was introduced by the Europeans.