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Q: Combine multiplicatcation and addition by multiplying each addend by the number and adding the products?
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What does the action in addition mean?

To combine terms

What is the distributive property when multiplying polynomials?

You just multiply the term to the polynomials and you combine lije terms

What is the combine of 23.6 and 8.2?

It depends on what operation is meant by combine. Combine could be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, modulus, exponentiation, average(s), etc.

What are the reactant of a reaction?

Reactants are the starting materials of a reaction. Reactants combine to form the products.

The Special Rule of Addition is used to combine?

Mutually exclusive events.

What is a addition reaction?

An addition reaction is a chemical reaction in which two or more reactants combine to form a single product. This type of reaction typically involves the addition of atoms or groups to a double or triple bond in a molecule.

What is a like term in math?

Two terms that have the same variables and you can combine them in addition. For example, 3x and 34x have the same variable, and when you add them, they combine to form 37x. 4y and 4 do not have the same variable and you cannot combine them in addition. For example, 4y + 4 equals 4y + 4; it cannot be simplified or combined.

What a other word for addition?

add, plus, more than, Sum, Mix, combine

What is a math word for putting together?

The math term for putting together is addition (adding; to add, sum, or combine).

How do you combine this sentence Howard is building an addition onto his house He was the winner of the church raffle?

Howard won the church raffle so he is building an addition onto his house.

How do you combine 3 4 5 to 23 using addition subtraction and multiplication?

3 + 4 * 5 = 23 Remember that multiplication must be carried out before addition.

How do eggs affect baked products.?

Eggs act as an emulsifier (meaning they help liquids and fats combine together), and they also act as a leavener (meaning they help make baked goods light and airy). In addition, they give baked goods a subtle yellow colour.