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two thousand three hundred thirty three point zero nine nine nine six seven feet

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Q: Convert 35 chain 1 rod 10 link to feet?
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What unit of measurement is used by surveyors?

chain = 66 feet. rod = 16.5 feet [1/4 of a chain]. link = 7.92 inches (1/100 of a chain). acre = 10 square chains (10 chains by 1 chain = 660 ft x 66 ft = 43560 sq ft)

How many feet are in 45 Rods and 12 Links?

The answer is 750.42 feet There are 16.50 feet to a Rod ( A three Rod Road is 49.50 Feet wide) There are 25 Links to a Rod . One Link is 0.66 Feet

What is the greatest number of links a food chain could have?

It depends on the length of the chain and the size of the links. A chain as a unit of measure is 66 feet long. Four rods equals one chain. A link is 0.04 rod, or 7.92 inches. There are 100 links in a chain.

How do you convert pole to feet?

A pole (also called a rod or perch) is an old form of linear measure equivalent to 5½ yards which is 16½ feet. To convert poles to feet multiply by 16½ - or multiply by 33 and then divide by 2.

Ho many feet are in a rod?

1 rod = 16.5 feet

What are the old units?

In length, old units not much used nowadays are: furlong = 220 yards, chain = 22 yards, rod,pole, or perch = 5.5 yards, link = 1/100 of a chain.

What can go into 1 mile?

The English unit divisions of a mile are: quarter mile - 1320 feet (440 yards) furlong - 660 feet (220 yards) chain - 66 feet (22 yards) rod - 16.5 feet yard - 3 feet foot - 1/5280 mile So there are 3 feet to a yard, 5.5 yards to a rod, 4 rods to a chain, 10 chains in a furlong, 8 furlongs per mile. Because of the 1/8 division, 5 furlongs is almost exactly 1 kilometer (off by 16 feet).

How many feet in a rod of pipe?

1 rod is 16.5 feet (16 feet 6 inches).

How many cubic feet are in a cubic rod?

A cubic rod is a shape that has equal length, width, and height. Therefore, to find the volume in cubic feet, you need to multiply the length, width, and height together. For example, if the dimensions of the rod are 1 foot x 1 foot x 1 foot, then the volume would be 1 cubic foot.

How many rods are in two yards?

The original answer (below) was off by a factor of 3, a surveyor's rod = 5.5 yards. So (2 yards)/(5.5 yards/rod) = 4/11 rod or about 0.364 rod.This is the original answer refers to fencing rod, but this is actually 5.5 yards (not feet) as originally stated. I found reference to an 80 rod roll equal to 1320 feet (see link).

How long is a rod?

 One rod is equal to 16.5 feet. 5 1/2 yards equal a rod, or 16.5 feet.

How many square feet in a square rod?

1 square rod = 272.25 square feet.