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Q: Describe the concept of interval training?
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What is the concept interval training?

Interval training consists of repeated bouts of high to moderate-intensity exercise inter-spread with periods of rest or reduced-intensity exercise.

Which of the following is not a term used to refer to the anaerobic exercises involving weights?

Interval training Apex

What sports uses interval training in their training?

Running, skating, biking, and swimming all use interval training.

Who benefits most interval training?

All types of athletes benefit most from interval training.

Describe what the graph of interval -410 looks like?

describe what the interval [-410] looks like

Is fartleck training the same as interval training?

it is similar

Why is interval training good for speed training?

Interval Training is a Camel named Henry. Good Luck. if you need help with this issue tweet me. @jakerainbow97

I am decicated to acheiving my weight loss goal this year. Is there a machine that will offer interval training?

Yes there are machines that can help you achieve your weight loss with interval training. High intensity interval training can be done on elliptical machines or on rowing machines.

Is interval training good for your health?


What is short interval training?

something to do with music

Some people prefer interval training because?

Interval training is appealing to people because it is performed with speed, and it is less likely to cause boredom. People sometimes find exercise boring because it is repetitive and slow going, but interval training is less so.

Does interval training effect the cardiovascular system?