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haha no1 knows

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Q: Discuss the difference between the Prototype model and the Meta model?
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What is the difference between a concept car and a prototype car?

a concept car is one that is a one of design and a prototype is the first cars of a new model made to test and iron out bugs and make improvments

What is difference between Spiral model and Prototype?

prototype model is suitable when user requirement are not very clear, while spiral model suitable for large projects whether customer requirement are not known in the beginning

What is the critical distintion between throwaway and evolutionary prototyping?

In throwaway prototype model we discard the prototype and start from scratch. In evolutionary prototype model we make changes in the prototype and refine it.

What is the cost difference between a prototype and the final production?

Dont get confused - first of all the prototype - means buliding a predetermined model by designing work, done by designing softwares, then its nature is checked with various failures it can lead and rectified.

Deference between prototype and incremental model?

In incremental model the real product is designed, implemented, integrated and tested as a series of incremental builds. while In prototype model the prototype (not the real product) is designed, implemented, integrated and tested as a series of incremental builds

Differences between Prototype and waterfall model?

* Prototyping includes more customer attention or intraction rather than waterfall model. * Prototypes have a model to study and work, where waterfall do not have any model till last, what ever we developed that comes in last.

Is a model a prototype?

It can be!

What is the first activity of a prototype model?

test the model

Difference between multistore and working model memory?

what is the difference between the memory store model and the working memory model?

Which of the process model is best to understand the user requirements. a Prototype model b Waterfall model c Incremental model d None of the above?

Prototype model is the best way to understand customer's requirements. A prototype is re- generated until it meets the expectations of the user

What difference between medical model and holistic model of care?

difference between holistic and medical models

What is the difference between Systems Development Life Cycle from prototyping model?

The systems development life cycle has three different systems within itself. It can be hardware only, software only, or a combination of both. This differs from the prototype.