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12 Picture cards in a deck

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Q: Ditloid puzzle - what does 12 P C I A D mean?
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Ditloid puzzle what is 12 P C I A D?

12 picture cards in a deck

A ditloid puzzle what does 100 r you a c mean?

100 Runs in a Century

What does 4 g in a c c mean?

4 g in a cc is a ditloid, a type of word puzzle, each letter in the ditloid is the beginning of a word , you have the work it out, in this case the answer is Four Ghosts in a Christmas Carol.

Ditloid puzzle What is 4 D P C?

4 Doors Per Car

2 p 4 c ditloid puzzle?

2 Point Four Children

What does the ditloid 10 c mean?

ten commandments

What does this ditloid 12 P and T in C mean?

Was thinking Connecticut when I read this, but then gave up on that. Not gonna give it to you, but think about Canada

What does the ditloid 21 C in the A mean?

21 Consonants in the Alphabet

What is ditloid 7 S on the S O L H?

seven spikes on the statue of liberties head

What does this ditloid mean 4 C P of the C?

4 Cardinal Points of the Compass

What does this ditloid mean - 10 C in a M?

10 Centuries in a Millenium

What does the ditloid 7 C in the W mean?

7 C in the W = 7 Continents in the World.