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No because 200 times 5p = 1000p = £10

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Q: Do 200 5p pieces make one pound?
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How many 2ps make 1pound?

There are 50 two pence pieces in one pound.

If one piece of meat weight 1.50 ounces how many piece of meat make one pound?

~10.6 pieces One pound = 16 ounces. Divide 16 by 1.5 to equal 10.66666666667

Does 200 dimes equal one pound?

Yes dimes have to weigh exactly 2.27 grams and 200 dimes do weigh 1 pound.

How many can does it take to make a pound?

it takkes one can to make a pound

How many twenty-pence pieces in one pound eighty?

Your answer is: 9 20p coins.

Which one is the most a pound of cheese a pound of feathersand a pound of bricks?

The cheese is most edible, the feathers have the most separate pieces, and the brick has the most hardness. But they all have the same weight.

How many candy corn in a pound?

Approximately 22 pieces of candy corn = 40 grams.There is approximately 28 grams in one ounce.So, if approximately 16.5 candy corn are in one ounce, then multiply that by 16 to get a pound.This would equal 264 pieces of candy corn in one pound.

How many calories make a person gain one pound?

3500 calories make one pound from yo girl sarah

200grams is equal to how many ounces?

454 grams is one pound and 1 pound is 16 ounces 200/454 * 16 = 7.05 ounces

How many ponds of ethylene to make a pound of polyethylene?

When completely reacted, one pound of ethylene will make one pound of polyethylene, because no atoms are lost or gained in the reaction.

How many calories make a pound?

There are 3500 calories in one pound of body fat.About 3,500 calories is equal to one pound.

If a tin holding One pound coins holds 500 pound (in money) how much money is in the tin if it is full of twenty pence pieces?

That depends on the difference in size between the pound coin and the 20p piece.