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Q: Do Ef and fe form a line.are they opposite rays?
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What is the plural form for words ending in f or ef?

The usual plural form for words ending in -f or -ef is to drop the f and add ves. There are exceptions to this rule where only an s is added to the end of the words.

What is is a word with he Latin root ef in it?

'ef' is not a Latin root, it's a prefix, where 'ef' is a form of 'ex' only when the root begins with 'f'. Thus; ex+facies = efface ex+facere = effect ex+femina = effeminate and many more

How do you find ef' ef' industries inc?

i have a ef&ef green lamp #502. how much is it worth

What are Best of both worlds keyboard notes?

Jai ho! ef ef ef

How do you pronounce Gieffeffe?


Where was a lamp with EF and EF Industries made?

My EE EF lamp is marked Chicago if that is any help.yes

When was EF Concepción created?

EF Concepción was created in 1976.

Is there a element ef?

If you meant "element" as in a chemical element, there is no element with the symbol "ef" in the periodic table.

Can you use the EF 28-200mm lens for EOS 20D?

Yes, you can. Any EF and EF-S lens will work on 20D.

Ef is a median of trapezoid abcd if the length of ab is 8x and the length of ef is 14x what is the length of ef in terms of x?


What is Ef Ef lamp industries?

contrary to alot of peoples beliefs ef ef industries is the maker of the base and only the base the glass part of the lamp could be made by any of a number of glass makers

List the categories of tornadoes and the wind speeds for each one?

Original Fujita scale developed in 1951. Recategorized in 2007, as follows: Enhanced Fujita Scale: EF-065-85mph EF-1 86-110mph EF-2 111-135mph EF-3 136-165mph EF-4 166-200 EF-5 >200 mph