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No. In a vacuum, the weight of an object will be the product their mass, times the gravity. In other words, objects with different masses will have different weights.

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Q: Do all objects weigh the same amount when placed in a vaccum regardless of their mass?
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Why do a feather and a hammer fall at the same speed in a vaccum?

In a vacuum, air resistance is eliminated, and all objects fall due to gravity alone. The acceleration due to gravity is the same for all objects regardless of their mass, so they fall at the same speed in a vacuum.

Which method of heat transfer can take place if two objects at different temperatures are placed without touching each other in a vaccum placed?

radiation, i think

Are there any vacuums that can safely and effectively vacuum up really sharp or heavy objects such as nails and pins?

To vaccum heavy objects or nails and screws you should purchase a shop vac.

Do the objects weightless in air than in vaccum?

Yes. Air will provide some upwards force, according to the volume of air displaced.

How can you fix your heater vents on your 1996 GMC Jimmy; it only blows through the defroster regardless of which vent you select?

sounds like a vaccum line is off. Do you have an aftermarket stereo? I could also be the switch, but I would bet on a vaccum line, search for a diagram then go from there.

Why does your car make a whistle noise when driving but goes away when stepping on brakes or gas?

You have a vaccum leak. When you step on the brake, vaccum is being used to help the power assist, thus lessening the amount in the engine available to leak. The reason it goes away when you accelerate is that vaccum drops low on acceleration too.

How heavey is this vaccum?

This Bissell vaccum weighs 28 pounds when it comes to the total weight of the entire vaccum.

How do eliminate air?

use a vaccum and a vaccum airtight chamber

What is the cause of no heat in 1999 e350?

look for vaccum leak(vaccum control switch, diaphragm valves or vaccum lines).

Why does an astronaut have to wear a helmet on the moon?

There is no air on the moon. It is a vaccum. Exposure to a vaccum will kill a person in seconds.

Do sound travel faster in water or in air or solids?

Sound can't move in vaccum and need particles to move, it travels fastest in solids as it has highest amount of particles.

Vaccum or vacuum?

It is vacuum