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You multiply.

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Q: Do you add or multiply to get the answer of a hypotenuse?
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How can you find the height of a right triangle when you have the base and hypotenuse?

-- Square the hypotenuse. (Multiply it by itself.)-- Square the base. (Multiply it by itself.)-- Subtract the square of the base from the square of the hypotenuse.-- Take the square-root of the difference. It's the height of the triangle.

You need to add cells C3 and C7 and multiply C3 by C6. Based on the order of operations what would you do?

multiply first, and then add

Do you add or multiply on area?

you are suppose to MULTIPLY on area.

How do you find the hypotenuse and longer leg of a 30 60 90 triangle?

If you have the shorter legs length, then for the hypotenuse, just multiply the shorter leg by 2. For the longer leg, multiply the shorter leg by the square root of 3.

Do you add or multiply for area?

You have to multiply to find area you have to add to find perimiter

Is area add or multiply?


What does by mean multiply or add?


Do you add or multiply for the gcf?


Getting the hypotenuse?

Lets say we had a right triangle that we wanted to find the hypotenuse of. The 2 other sides were 6cm and 3cm. You would square each of these(multiply by themselves). You would then get 36cm2 and 9cm2. You would add these numbers (52) then find the square root of this number. (6.7cm) The answer is 6.7cmThe formula for this is: a2 + b2 =c2Keep in mind that a and b are the other sides and c is the hypotenuse

What can you multiply and add to get 843?

you can multiply 281 and 3 you can add 840 and 3

What can you add to 20 but multiply to get 150?


Do you add or multiply when doing greatest common factor?

You multiply (or divide), not add.

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