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Yes, if you use information from a graph, you should cite the reference.

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Q: Do you cite information from graphs?
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What information must you cite your source in a research paper?

You must cite your source whenever you use direct quotes, paraphrase someone else's ideas, or reference specific data, statistics, or information that is not common knowledge. Additionally, you should cite your sources for any images, graphs, or charts that you include in your paper that were created by someone else.

How are the graphs different?

Needs more information... graphs of what?

How do graphs represent motion?

The answer depends on what information is graphed. There are distance-time graphs, velocity-time graphs, speed-time graphs, acceleration-time graphs.

How do mathematicans use graphs?

Mathematicians use graphs to illustrate information.

What type graphs compare information collected by counting?

Bar graphs

What are graphs and what are they used for?

Graphs are diagrams that show information in a clear and simple way.

Can you cite a syllabus?

If you use direct information from the syllabus, you must cite it

How do you cite utube?

See the information in the related link to cite youtube.

Why do you make graphs?

Some people find it easier to take information in if it is presented visually. Graphs can be a usuful summary of a lot of numerical information.

Why is graph paper important?

Graphs are a convenient way to impart information to some people, and graph paper simplifies the process of producing graphs.

Are graphs constructed from tables of information?


If you summarize the information in your own words do you need to cite it?

yes u do need to cite it