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I'm not to sure but I know that Student Price card (SPC) does not give you a discount.

According to in the UK you get 10% off with the NUS Extra card.

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Q: Do you get student discount on uniqlo?
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What is the population of Uniqlo?

Uniqlo's population is 2,008.

What is Uniqlo's population?

Uniqlo's population is 30,000.

When was Uniqlo created?

Uniqlo was created in 1949.

When will student discount on surface 2 come out or how can you get it?

As of November 18, 2013 there is a 10 percent student discount for the Surface 2. Generally, this discount is available online simply by stating you are a student.

Can you provide a list of uniqlo stores in Tokyo?

Uniqlo stores are everywhere. There is a flagship store in Ginza, and a T-shirt shop in Harajuku, but generally, Uniqlo is as ubiquitous as Gap is in Manhattan.

Do you get student discount at zara?

No, they don't do student discounts.

Do you get student discount in Debenhams?

According to wifie on till in Dundee store in her 12 years they do not give student discount

Who is eligible for an Apple student discount?

A student is of course eligible for an Apple student discount. Also, any parent of a student is also eligible for the Apple student discount. Usually you have to provide some proof of being a student.

Does Apple offer a student discount?

Yes, Apple does offer a student discount. Student discounts are usually offered at college bookstores. Many campuses have promotions for Apple products.

How much is a childs ticket at hoyts And can I use my student ID card to Get a discount?

A child's ticket is $9.90 at Hoyts. You can show your student ID for a discount though the amount of discount is not disclosed.

Is there Uniqlo store in Hawaii?

No, there isn't.

Can you get an Academic discount on Adobe Creative Suite 4?

Yes. There is a student version, including a student discount, of Adobe Creative Suite 4.