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It is the best method for what??

sharing the flu virus?

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Q: Does 70 percent of people think that french kissing is the best method?
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Why french people like kissing?

they mad eup "french kissing" what do ya think!?

What does people shifting mean?

It means two people French kissing ( tongues )

Why do people like french kissing?

because french kissing feels good and is a good way to express your feelings to a boyfriend/girlfriend and it gives you something to do when having sex

Can you show me a moving pic of French kissing?

If you go on youtube and put french kissing or if you don't know how to kiss put how to french kiss and that should help/ show you what it looks like when two people french kiss!! =-b

How do you bite people when making out?

You can bite their tonuge if you are french kissing and their tonuge is in your mouth.

What percentage of people in French Guiana speak French?

78.6% of the people in French Guiana speak French...

Why doesn't my girlfriend like french kissing?

Your girlfriend may not like french kissing for two reasons. 1. She doesn't like to have other people's tongue in her mouth. 2. She's afraid that she could get diseases.

What percent of French people are Roman Catholics?

88% of french people are roman catholic

What is tongue-kissing?

Tongue kissing (also for some reason called "French kissing" or "Frenching") is kissing another person whose mouth is open with your own open mouth, so you and your partner can feel the insides of each other's mouths with your tongues. For most people, the mouth is an "erogenous zone" -- which means when it is stimulated, you get sexually aroused. Tongue kissing -- exploring your partner's mouth with your tongue -- is one way to do this.

What is the difference between a French kiss and making out?

A French kiss involves using your tongue while kissing, whereas making out typically involves a more intense and prolonged kissing session that can include a variety of kissing techniques, such as nibbling, sucking, and using hands. French kissing is a type of kissing that is often included in making out sessions.

About 90 percent of the french people are what?

Roman Catholics

What percent of people speak french in chad?

about 4