Does a hemisphere have a vertex?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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No but it has a circular edge

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Q: Does a hemisphere have a vertex?
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How many faces vertex edges does a hemisphere have?

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What is a hemisphere shape?

a hemisphere is half of a sphere. It has 1 edge, 1 face and no vertex. lot of other thing have hemisphere in the name. Different halves of the earth is a hemisphere.

Out of these shapes tetrahedron cuboid hemisphere octahedron cone hexagonal prism have no edges perpendicular to each cther that is none of the edges is at right angles to another at a vertex?


How do you calculate this- a right circular cone is inscribed in a hemisphere so that base of cone coincides with base of hemisphere what is the ratio of the height of cone to radius of hemisphere?

The vertex of the cone would reach the very top of the sphere, so the height of the cone would be the same as the radius of the sphere. Therefore the ratio is 1:1, no calculation is necessary.

how to find the vertex angle?

The vertex angle is connected to the vertex point

What is vertex on cube?

A cube has no vertex

What shape has no vertex?

A circle does not have a vertex.

Vertex of a triangle?

Vertex of a triangle is any of its 3 corners and the plural of vertex is vertices

Three or more edges meet at a point called a?


A triangle is a segment joining a vertex and the midpoint of the side opposite the vertex?

A triangle is not a segment joining a vertex and the midpoint of the side opposite the vertex.

What is a tessellation vertex?

I don't know what a tessellation vertex is but I will try to Answer it I think it means the endpoint of a vertex which is also called vertices,which is the pointy ends of the vertex.

What is the vertex in a square?

there are 4 vertices(singular vertex) of a square. the pointed edges are called vertex