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Q: Does a hexagonal prism have the same amount of sides as a hexagonal pyramid?
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Which one of these figures have seven sides hexagonal pyramid heptagonal pyramid heptagonal hexagonal prism?

hexagonal pyramid

Name some shapes that have sides and start hex?

Hexagon. Hexagonal prism. Hexagonal pyramid. Hexahedron.

How many sides is there in a hexagonal prism?

A hexagonal prism is a prism composed of two hexagonal bases and six rectangular sides.

How is a hexagonal prism different from hexagonal pyramid?

Hexagonal prisms are things such as a honeycomb filled with honey; it is more of a cube-ish form. As for the pyramid, is buids upward and the bottim has 6 sides.

Which does not have any rectangular faces pentagonal prism hexagonal pyramid rectangula prism or square pyrimd?

A hexagonal pyramid because 6=hexagon and if a pyramid has a hexagon on the bottom and triangles on the sides with a point on the top. THERE IS YOUR ANSWER!! IYANA THOMAS SABAL PALM ELEMENTRY

Similarities of a hexagon and hexagonal prism?

A hexagon has 6 sides and a hexagonal prism has a cross-section of 6 sides

Of the eight of a hexagonal prism how many are rectangles?

The hexagonal prism has six sides that are rectangles.

What is the name for a prism with six sides?

a hexagonal prism

How many sides vertices and edges does a hexagonal prism have?

A hexagonal prism has 8 sides, 12 vertices, and 18 edges.

What 3D shape has eight sides?

an octagonal prism * * * * * No. An octagonal prism has 10 faces. Some of the possible solutions are: A heptagon based pyramid, A hexagonal prism, A rectangular based dipyramid.

Why does a pyramid only have one base and a prism has 2 bases?

becaus a prism is the same in 2 sides, so it looks the same either way, where as a pyramid with more than 3 sides for its base, like a square pyramid, a hexagonal pyramid, a pentagonal pyramid, etc., doesn't look the same if it stands on one of its triangles.

How many sides are on a hexagonal pyramid?

It has 8

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