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A linear equation is a straight line that is going at an angle usually, and if you just have a y it will be going straight up,so I would assume that you would always need a x intercept. so yes.

Yes, unless the slope of x is 0.

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Q: Does a linear equation always have an x intercept?
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Does a graph of a linear equation always have an x intercept?

No; if the slope is zero and it is above or below y=0 it will not have an x intercept.

How do you find the x intercept on a linear equation?

At the x-intercept on the graph of the equation, y=0. Take the equation, set 'y' equal to zero, and solve the equation for 'x'. The number you get is the x-intercept.

What is the x-intercept of a linear equation?

The x-intercept is where the line intersects with, or crosses, the x axis. To find it, take the equation, put in 0 for y, and solve for x. The intercept will be (#,0).

What is the x-intercept in this linear equation?

That must depend on the equation that has not been shown

How do you find the y-intercept of a linear relationship from an equation?

The y-intercept of a linear equation is the point on the y-axis at which the line cuts.It could be found by plugging x = 0 in the given linear equation.For example,Consider 3x + 2y = 6. To find the y-intercept just plug x = 0 in the equation.3(0) + 2y = 62y = 6y = 3(0, 3) is the y-intercept of the linear equation 2x + 3y = 6.Note:In the same way we can find the x-intercept by plugging y = 0 in the given linear equation.

What is the x-intercept for this linear equation 6x - y 9?


How can you find the y intercept of the graph of a linear equation?

At a y-intercept, the graph touches the y-axis, meaning the value of x is 0. So, in any linear equation, simply set x equal to 0 and solve for y. In the slope-intercept form of a linear equation (y = mx + b), the y-intercept value is represented by the variable b.

What is the y intercept in this linear equation y equals -x -7?

It is -7.

Three methods in graphing linear equation?

table of values,x and y-intercept and slope and y-intercept

Is the x intercept the same as the slope?

No. In a linear equation, y = mx + b, the slope is m, and the x intercept is where mx + b = 0.

What is the x-intercept in this linear equation 2y-4x equals -12?

For x-intercept, y = 0 so -4x = -12 therefore x = 3.

What is the y-intercept for the linear equation 3x - 2y 18?

At the y-intercept, x=0 .-2y = 18y = -9