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I would say floor that business

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Q: Does a prism have 2 bases and 4 faces?
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How many bases does a rectangle prism has?

2 bases, 4 sides, 6 faces

How many faces dos A PRISM?

2 Bases & 4 Sides

Is it true that a prism has 2 bases and 4 faces?

Yes providing that it is a cuboid prism which in effect has 6 faces, 12 edges and 8 vertices

What shapes are the faces of rectangular prism?

4 rectangles with either 2 rectangles or 2 squares as the bases

Does a rectangular prism have 6 faces?

Yes, a rectangular prism has 6 faces: 2 parallel rectangular bases and 4 rectangular lateral faces.

Is there a square prism?

technically a square prism would be a cube, so i guess not. Ignore that answer. There IS a square prism. A cube has all of its faces congruent and squares. A square prism can have 2 square bases and 4 rectangular lateral faces making it a square prism. Think of it as a rectangular prism right? Well replace the rectangle bases with squares and you have a square prism!

How many faces does a rectangular have?

A rectangle has 4 faces: 2 long faces and 2 short faces.

How many triangular end faces does a triangular based prism have?

4...... thousand bases

What is the name of solid shape that has 4 rectangles and 2 squares?

Rectangular Prism. It's lateral faces are 4 rectangles. It's bases are 2 squares.

A rectangular prism has?

A rectangular prism has six faces because it has 4 sides and two bases. It also has eight vertices and 12 edges.

What is a 2 dimensional pattern for a rectangular solid?

Another word for a 2 dimensional pattern is a net. A net of a rectangular prism would include all the faces of one: so 2 bases and 4 faces.

How many square faces have a rectangular prism?

It has 4 rectangular faces and 2 square faces (: