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Q: Does it take longer to cook 2x 1kg roasts than 1x 2kg roasts?
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Would it take longer to cook 4 ducks than 1?


If cooking more than one chicken at a time take longer than just cooking one?

Yes, It does take longer to cook more than one chicken because you have more things to heat up in the oven there for it takes longer.

Can you cook raw meat and vegetables together?

As long as you cook the meat thoroughly (because it may take longer to cook than the veggies, depending on thickness), it should be safe.

Would a thick cake cook faster than a thin cake if the fat cake is closer to the oven?

A cake can only cook if it is in an oven. And a thicker cake would take longer to cook than the thin cake would.

Should a hen take longer to cook then a rooster?

It may as hens generally are larger and have more meat to them than roosters and the size of the bird determines how long it needs to cook.

Will two 5-pound rib roasts cook faster than one 10-pound one?

Two 5 lb. roasts will cook faster than a single 10 pound one as long as they are separated in the roasting pan. In part this is because a smaller roast will always cook faster than a larger one. In part, this is because by cutting the 10 lb. roast in half and separating the halves, you are increasing the surface area of the meat. The greater the surface area, the quicker the chemical reaction, in this case, cooking.

What factors affect the time required for cooking legumes?

Older legumes take longer to cook, and may not get tender at all if they are too old. Larger legumes take longer to cook than smaller ones. The longer legumes soak before they are cooked, the shorter the cooking time. Also, cooking legumes in a pressure cooker reduces cooking time.

Should you cook lasagna before freezing?

Yes You just dont need to cook it for as long.

Does the method of cooking a potato affect the potato?

If you cooked it in the oven, it would take longer to cook than in the microwave. I think that is the only way the potato is affected.

What did caveman use to heat and cook that lasted longer than wood?


Why does it take 4 minutes for one potato to cook but 8 minutes for 2 potatoes to cook?

Simple physics. Because there is more than one potato, the heat has to be distributed over a wider area. Thus the longer cooking time.

Why was the microwave such a great idea?

it made foods cook for less time.Like popcorn would have to be made by the fire and it could take longer than putting into the microwave for 10 minutes.