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Q: Does pyloric sphincter opens 3 times in a minute?
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What is the conclusion would be best for how may times a goldfish opens its mouth in one minute?

42 times in one minute

What is the basic operation of 220 volts flashing lamp?

Basically the circuit to the lamp opens and closes in a specific amount of times per minute. In some models this can be varied with a control circuit that allows the operator to set how many times the lamp is to flash per minute.

How many times does a shark's heart beat in one minute?

9 times per minute

How many times a fish breathe in one minute?

On a school trip, we did an assignment on this. A clown fish, while stationary opens and closes its mouth 42 times in one minute, while the fish that swam, although not in view was averaged at about 63.

If you blink 11 times in a minute then how many times will you blink in an hour?

We blink 25 times in a minute.

How can you count a goldfish's breathing rate?

A goldfish's breathing rate can be determined by counting the amount of times the goldfish opens and closes its mouth within a set amount of time, ex. 92 breathes per minute.

How many time does a frog throat move up and down in one minute?

104 times

What times does marshalls?

it opens at 10:00 am

How many times a minute does a dog blink?

2 to 10 times per minute!

How many times does a blue whale's heart beat in a minute?

A blue whales heart beats 9 times per minute.

Heart beats 72 times in a minute how many times in quarter of a minute?

18 times plz recommend me

How many times does a fly beat its wings per minute?

20000 times per minute