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Yes, of order 2 which means it has 1800 reflection symmetry.

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Q: Does the letter N have rotational symmetry?
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Does N have rotational symmetry but no line symmetry?

Yes, the capital letter N has rotational symmetry but no lines of symmetry:

What rotational symmetry is there in the letter n?

There is none.

Which capital letter in the alphabet has rotational symmetry?

The letter "O" has rotational symmetry, as it looks the same when rotated 180 degrees.

What is the rotational symmetry of the letter U?

The letter U has rotational symmetry of order 1 because it looks the same after a 180-degree rotation.

Which upper-case letter of the alphabet have rotational symmetry?

There are 10 letters in the alphabet that achieve rotational symmetry when displayed in their capital form. These letters: A, H, I, M, O, U, V, W, X, and Y.

How many of rotational symmetry does capital letter N have?

it has order two (180 degrees)

How many rotational symmetry does letter W have?

It has 1 order of rotational symmetry.

What figure has rotational symmetry but not line symmetry?

A nonrectangular parallelogram has rotational symmetry, but not line symmetry. Additionally, shapes such as the letters S, N, and Z can be rotated to show rotational symmetry, although they do not have line symmetry.

What us the order of rotational symmetry of letter H?

The letter H has a rotational symmetry of order 2, meaning it looks the same after a 180-degree rotation.

Does the letter Y have Rotational Symmetry?

No, the letter Y does not have rotational symmetry. It cannot be rotated and still appear the same.

How many letters have rotational symmetry?

I, H, N, O, S, X & Z all have rotational symmetry.

Does N have rotational symmetry but no line of symmetry?

Yes. it has 2 order of rotation symmetry