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Q: Does the term state always refer to a country true or false?
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Is it true that the term state always refers to a country?

Not always. A country is a state, however, a state is not always a country. For example, the United States is a state, because it is a country. However, California is not a country, as it is only a state. A state is usually a self governing region within a country, and you will rarely hear a country being called a state just for the sake of confusion. However, it is common to refer to a country as a nation.

Is a country always a state?

Is a country always a state

Is a country always longer than a state?

No! there is a state that is longer than country?

Equilibrium is always associated with a desirable state of affairs true or false?


According to the Constitution state law is superior to national law when the two conflict true or false?


Is there a state or country that starts with j?

Jamaica, Japan, Jersey, and Jordan. By Jersey, I refer to the country of Jersey in the Channel Islands, and not the state of New Jersey which starts with the letter 'N'.

Is Saudi Arabia a state or country?

Saudi Arabia is a country.The word state is ambiguous. It can refer to an independent nation (as in "the state of Israel") or to a province of a nation (as in "the state of Kansas").

Is the name of a country a proper noun?

Yes, the name of a country is a proper noun.A proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing.The name of a country is the name of a specific place.

Can congress cannot tax goods being exported from a state or to a foreign country?

This statement is not true, false.

What is the difference of the nation and state?

In the case of the United States, the word nation would refer to the whole country. And the word state would refer to one of the individual states which comprise the entire country. However, in most other examples, the two words can mean the same thing.

The capital city of the country of Singapore is Singapore True or False?

Singapore is a City State and Nation. The question is oxymoron.

Is the word not always an adverb?

The negative word "not" is practically always an adverb, modifying adjectives (e.g. not large) or adverbs (e.g. not completely). But it can be used with linking verbs to indicate a negative state (e.g. He is not a hero) and has been adopted in logic programming to be a noun (a NOTis an operator that returns an inverse state: false if the operand is true, true if the operand is false).