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It is a parallelogram.

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2017-01-15 17:53:53
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Q: Draw quadrilateral has 2 acute angles 2 obtuse angles and 2 pairs of parallel sides?
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What has two pairs of parallel sides with two acute angles and obtuse angles?

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and congruent.

Quadrilateral with one pair of parallel lines two acute angles and two obtuse angles?

a rhombus or parallelogram

What is a quadrilateral that has all opposite sides parallel and 2 acute and obtuse angles?

That would be a parallelogram.

Can a quadrilateral have three acute angles and one obtuse angles?


What picture is have one pair of acute angles one pair of obtuse angles two parallel sides?

If the 2 acute angles are equal and the 2 obtuse angles are equal then it could be a 4 sided quadrilateral in the form of a parallelogram or a rhombus

A quadrilateral with 4 obtuse angles?

Impossible. You cannot have an obtuse angle without an acute angle in a quadrilateral.

What quadrilateral that has 2 acute angles?

A rhombus has 2 opposite acute angles and 2 opposite obtuse angles

Can a quadrilateral have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?


What does a trapezoid have besides 1 pair of parallel and 1 pair of nonparallels angles are acute or obtuse and parallel?

Angles are usually illustrated as two acute and two obtuse, but there can be two right, one acute and one obtuse. Angles cannot be parallel since that is a characteristic of lines, not angles!

What quadrilateral has two right angles one acute angle one obtuse angle and two pair of parallel lines?


What is A quadrilateral that has 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?

A trapezoid

Which 2-D shapes can have 2 acute angles and 2 obtuse angles?

With 2 acute and 2 obtuse angles it has 4 angles - the shape is a quadrilateral. The shape can be one of trapezium, parallelogram, rhombus, kite or a general quadrilateral. With the two acute angles next to each other (forcing the two obtuse angles to be next to each other) the shape can be either a trapezium or a general quadrilateral.

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