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dyne-sec. stands for the unit

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Q: Dyne-second per square centimeter
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What is the conversion of 125 pounds per square inch to grams per square centimeter?

1 pound per square inch is equal to 70.3069579 grams per square centimeter. Therefore, 125 pounds per square inch is equal to 8788.3697375 grams per square centimeter.

How many square millimeters per square centimeter?

There are: 100

How do you convert grams per square meter to grams per square centimeter?

Divide by 10000.

1kilograms per square centimeter to Pounds per square inch?

1kgf/cm2 equates to 14.22 psi

What is the mass of iron per square centimeter?

Depends how thick it is.

Convert grams per square centimeter into grams per squre meter?

Multiply by 10000.

What does does 7 psi means in kgs?

7 psi (pounds per square inch) is equivalent to approximately 0.49 kilograms per square centimeter. This conversion is based on the fact that 1 psi is approximately equal to 0.07031 kilograms per square centimeter.

How dense is Earth's mantle?

4-5 grams per square centimeter

How many full of liquid mean how many kg per centimeter square?


What is 30 psi equal to?

30 pounds per square inch = 4320 pounds per square foot = 2.16 tons per square foot = 2.109209 kilograms per square centimeter = 21092.09 kilograms per square meter = 2068427 dynes per square centimeter = 2068427 microbars = 2.068427 bar = 206842.7 pascals = 206.8427 kilopascals = 0.2068427 megapascals = 2.041379 atmospheres = 1551.448 torr = 155.1448 centimeters of mercury = 61.08063 inches of mercury

How do you convert 1 kg per square centimeter power how mach pascals?

1 square metre = 10000 square centimetreso 1 kg per square centimetre = 10000 Pascals

What are the two common units that are used to measure air pressure?

Here are three: Pounds per square inch, Kilograms per square centimeter, Pascals.