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5/8 equals 0.625.

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Q: Equivalent decimal of fraction five eight?
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What is The decimal fraction equivalent to five unit and six tenths?

decimal fraction equivalent to 5 and 6 tenths = 5 6/10 or 56/10

What is the improper fraction that is equivalent to eight and five sixths?

Type your answer here... find the improper fracrtion that is equivalent to eight and five sixths

What is five eighths equivalent to?

5/8 = 10/16 as an equivalent fraction or 0.625 as a decimal

What is 55 as a decimal?

It's already a decimal 5.5 is pronounced five point five The equivalent fraction is 11/2

What is an equivalent fraction for the decimal 2.36?

2 and nine over twenty-five (the whole number two and the fraction nine twentyfifths)

What is 5 over 8 as a decimal?

When you want to know the decimal equivalent of a fraction, divide the top number by the bottom number. So you would divide 5 by 8. The result will be 0.625 To convert five eighths to a decimal figure, you divide eight into five. So, 5/8 as a decimal is 0.625.

Five Sixth equals what percentage?

A fraction is not the same as a percentage. If you want the decimal equivalent of five sixths (5/6), it is 0.83333333333

What expression is equivalent to the fraction five eighths?

Any rational number of the form 5k/8k where k is an integer is equivalent.

How do you write five and eight tenths as a decimal?

Write the five as the whole number before the decimal point then divide the numerator (eight) by the denominator (ten) of the fraction and put it after the decimal point: 58/10 = 5 + (8 ÷ 10) = 5.8

What fraction is equivalent to eight over twenty?

It is equivilant to 2/5 or two over five.

What is the fraction five thirty sixths as decimal?

fraction five thirty sixths as decimal = 0.13895/36:= 5 ÷ 36= 0.1389 in decimal

What is the decimal equivalent of five-twelfths?

The decimal equivalent of five-twelfths is 0.41666.