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leaf ,honey comb, snowflake etc

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Q: Examples of symmetrical objects found in nature?
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Which type of balance can be found frequently in nature and in architecture?

symmetrical and asymmetrical

What are some luminous objects that are found in nature?

Examples of luminous objects found in nature include the sun, bioluminescent organisms like fireflies and some types of jellyfish, and certain minerals that exhibit fluorescence or phosphorescence under ultraviolet light.

Does an apple have a line of symmetry?

Apples are symmetrical. However, they do not have a line of symmetry. This is an abstract concept which is not found in real objects.

What are the objects in nature?

Objects in nature refer to non-living entities found in the natural world, including rocks, trees, water, clouds, and animals. These objects contribute to the ecosystem and are essential for maintaining the balance of nature. Observing and studying these natural objects can help us better understand the world around us.

What polymers are found in nature?

Examples: starch, cellulose, polypeptides, nucleic acids.

What are examples of human nature?

Examples of human nature include empathy, curiosity, self-preservation, social interaction, and the desire for belonging and connection. These are inherent traits that are found in people across different cultures and societies.

What are two examples of lenses that occur in nature?

The crystalline lens in the human eye and the lens found in a squid's eye are two examples of lenses that occur in nature.

Is chlorine synthetic not found in nature or found in nature?

Not found!

Can silicon be found in nature or is it synthetic?

Silicon can be found in nature as a chemical element. It is the second most abundant element in the Earth's crust, after oxygen. It is commonly found in minerals such as quartz and as a major component of sand and rocks.

What are 3 natural liquids?

Water, honey, and coconut water are three examples of natural liquids found in nature.

What are the examples of carboxylic acid?

Some examples of carboxylic acids include acetic acid (found in vinegar), citric acid (found in citrus fruits), and formic acid (found in ants). These compounds contain a carboxyl group (–COOH) and are commonly found in nature as well as being important in various industrial processes.

How many body structures are symmetrical?

Most animals have symmetrical body structures, with bilateral symmetry being the most common type where the body can be divided into two equal halves along a single plane. Other types of symmetry found in nature include radial symmetry (seen in organisms like jellyfish) and spherical symmetry (found in organisms like some single-celled algae).