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Q: Experimental drilling has reached only to the depth of the asthenosphere True or False?
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Is it true or false that the asthenosphere floats on the lithosphere?

True. The asthenosphere is a partially molten region of the mantle that lies below the lithosphere. It is less rigid than the lithosphere, which allows the lithosphere to float and move on top of the asthenosphere.

Experimental results must be qualitative and open for interpretation ture or false?

False. Experimental results are typically quantitative and aimed at providing measurable data that can be analyzed objectively. Qualitative data, on the other hand, is more descriptive and subjective, often requiring interpretation.

True or false Carrying capacity is reached when a population has reached the maximum size the environment can support?

True! :)

True or false the asthenosphere is not considered solid because it can bend like plastic?

True. The asthenosphere is a partially molten layer of the Earth's upper mantle that behaves like a plastic material, allowing it to flow slowly over long periods of time. This fluid-like behavior is why it is not considered a solid.

True or false At the height of the empire Rome's system of roads reached a total length of 10000 miles?

false i think

Did Columbus believe that he had reached orient and not a new world Is this true or false?

It is true.

When typing the insertion point moves to the left and when end of a line is reached it moves downward to the next line true or false?


When typing the insertion point moves to the left and when the end of a line is reached it moves downward to the next line. True or False?


If your prediction turns out false your experiment has been a failure?

No. You can use your experimental observations or do more research to formulate a new hypothesis. A hypothesis that is not supported by the experimental data, it is just simply an unsupported hypothesis.

The goal of using replication control randomization and blindness in experimental design is to compeletey eliminate bias from an experiment?


Is unsaturated solutions will not dissolve more solute true or false?

False. Unsaturated solutions have not reached their maximum solute concentration and can dissolve more solute.

Randomization in an experiment means that the experimental units or subjects are selected as a simple random sample from the whole population under study?