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Q: Figures with four equal sides and four right angles are called?
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What is a figures with four right angles and opposite sides equal are called?

a rectangle

What are angles that have the same relative positions in geometric figures called?


What is a quadrilateral with no equal sides and 4 right angles called?

It's impossible for a quadrilateral to have no equal sides and have right angles.

Why rhombus with four right angle is called?

A rhombus has 4 equal sides but no right angles whereas a square has 4 equal sides and 4 right angles.

How many right angles rhombus have?

A rhombus has 4 right angles just like the square * * * * * In general a rhombus has a pair of equal obtuse angles and a pair of equal acute angles. It is only in a special case that the shape has 4 right angles and then it is called a square.

What are the two angles whose sum of measures is equal to two right angles are called?

supplementaryA:Two angles whose sum measures a right angle are complementary angles.

What shape has four right angles and two pairs of equal sides?

This is a parallelogram called a rectangle. A square has four right angles and four sides that are equal in length.

Four equal sides no right angles?

Such a shape is called a rhombus.

What parallelogram with no right angles but have four equal sides?

That is called a rhombus

What is a shape with 4 equal sides but no right angles called?


How many equal angles and right angles has a obtuse triangle have?

An obtuse triangle can have no right angles, and has two equal angles.

How many equal angles can a right triangle have?

A right triangle can have 2 equal angles if they are each 45° (any other right triangle will have no equal angles)