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Euclid developed Euclidean geometry around 300 BC.

I cannot get much briefer than that.

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Q: Give a brief history of euclidean geometry?
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What is Euclidean geometry mean in math?

Euclidean geometry is the traditional geometry: it is the geometry of a plane surface, as developed by Euclid. Among other things, it is based on Euclid's parallel postulate which said (in effect) that given a line and a point outside that line there could only be one line through that point that was parallel to the given line. It has since been discovered that both alternatives to that postulate - that there are many such lines possible and that there are none - give rise to consistent geometries. These are non-Euclidean geometries.

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Hyperbolic geometry is a beautiful example of non-Euclidean geometry. One feature of Euclidean geometry is the parallel postulate. This says that give a line and a point not on that line, there is exactly one line going through the point which is parallel to the line. (That is to say, that does NOT intersect the line) This does not hold in the hyperbolic plane where we can have many lines through a point parallel to a line. But then we must wonder, what do lines look like in the hyperbolic plane? Lines in the hyperbolic plane will either appear as lines perpendicular to the edge of the half-plane or as circles whose centers lie on the edge of the half-plane

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