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Q: Graphs are pictorial repesentaions of
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What are graphs?

Graphs are pictorial representations of relationships.

Graphs are pictorial representations of .?

The answer is numbers

What is the relationship between bar graphs and picture graphs?

bar graph is in line forms and picture graph is in pictorial form

What kind of graphs does not have any numbers?

Since graphs are usually used as pictorial representations of data, most will have numbers. While pictograms may not have axes, each image represents some number (which must be identified in a key or legend).

What is a pictorial device?

A pictorial device is a method or technique used to create visual representations, such as diagrams, graphs, or charts, to convey information or ideas in a visual format. These devices help to enhance comprehension and facilitate communication through the use of images or graphics.

Why do you make a graph?

Graphs give you a pictorial version of numerical information. For most people, it is easier to perceive changes in information through images, rather than numbers.

What kinds of graphs are there?

If you can illustrate numerical information in a pictorial form then that is a graph. So there are infinitely many kinds of graphs. One of my favourites illustrates Napoleon's invasion of Russia and his retreat. See link for more.

What is a concrete vs a pictorial graph?

A concrete graph uses physical objects to represent data, such as bar graphs made with blocks. A pictorial graph uses pictures or symbols to represent data, like a graph showing ice cream sales using ice cream cones.

Why should visual learners use pictures charts maps and graphs to help them study and learn?

Visual learners learn best when they can see information in a pictorial form. this is nonsense children should read

What has the author Rudolf Modley written?

Rudolf Modley has written: 'Pictographs and graphs' 'A history of the war in maps, in pictographs, in words' -- subject(s): Maps, World War, 1939-1945 'Handbook of Pictorial Symbols'

Do graphs represent equations?

Bar graphs and line graphs do not. Straight line, parabolic, and hyperbolic graphs are graphs of an equation.

How are bar graphs and line graphs and circle graphs different?

circle graphs add up to 100% , bar and line graphs don't