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Groups that value higher power distance believe relationships are informal.

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Q: Groups that value higher power distance believe relationships are?
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How is Social distance research used to explain prejudice?

Social distance research measures individuals' willingness to interact with or have relationships with members of certain social groups. By studying social distance, researchers can understand the degree of prejudice and discrimination towards those groups. The greater the social distance, the higher the level of prejudice is likely to be.

What is Phylogeny 1?

Evolutionary relationships among species and higher groups of species.

What are work relationships?

relationships are when you take your friend to a higher level

Does a ramp decrease the amount of force or the distance?

A ramp decreases the amount of force required to lift an object to a higher elevation by increasing the distance over which the force is applied. This allows the force to be spread out over a longer distance, making it easier to move the object.

Which ethnic groups have a dramatically higher rate of cholecystitis?

Some ethnic groups such as Native Americans have a dramatically higher incidence of cholecystitis.

What is physiological distance?

Physiological distance refers to the physical space between individuals during social interactions. It can vary depending on cultural norms and personal preferences, with closer distances typically indicating a higher level of intimacy or comfort with the other person. Understanding and respecting physiological distance is important for effective communication and building positive relationships.

Why did the gupta kings believe the caste system to be an impportant part of Indian society?

They believed in it because they thought it would be far to everyone the lowest group didn't deserve but the higher groups did.

What is low power and high power distance?

Low power distance refers to societies where there is less emphasis on hierarchy and unequal distribution of power, while high power distance indicates societies where hierarchy and power differences are more accepted and expected. These concepts help understand how individuals within a culture perceive and respond to authority, decision-making processes, and interpersonal relationships.

Can species belong to more than one order?

No, a species cannot belong to more than one order in biological classification. Orders are a higher taxonomic rank that groups together related families, and a species is typically classified within a single order based on its characteristics and evolutionary relationships.

Does Russia believe in God?

Many Russian people believe mainly in a higher force and a creator. Of course,some Russians are very religious in Christianity and Catholicism ,but the majority of the people there believe in something higher then life.

What groups usually has a higher voter turnout?

depends on which election and which level of government

Which is higher centimeters or meters?

There are 100 centimetres in 1 metre, so metres are a longer measure of distance, or "higher".