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Q: Has the captain considered all possible solutions to the problem?
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Possible solutions to a problem which you could choose from?

possible solutions to a problem which you could choose from

Why is there a need to identify as many possible solutions to a problem?

Certain solutions identified at certain points of time will not be suitable at a later point of time, hence it is better to have as many possible solutions to a problem.

How many possible solutions is there for a problem?

one...a truism applys

How many solutions could a triangle of a problem type ssa have?

An SSA type has two possible solutions.

Holistic problem solving?

Holistic problem solving is solving a problem from all possible aspects. This will cover all the details of the problem and the relevant solutions.

What is the natural approaches to problem solving?

A natural approach to problem solving is to define the problem, identify possible solutions, and select the best one.

What are the Steps in the army problem-solving model?

Defining a problem, developing possible solutions to solve the problem, arriving at the best solution, and implementing it.

What is the systematic approach to Army problem solving?

official defining a problem, developing possible solutions to solve the problem, arriving to the best solution to solve the problem, and implementing it

In the abcde model of problem solving what does the b stand for?

In the ABCDE model of problem-solving "B" stands for "bring up all potential solutions." It involves generating as many ideas or solutions as possible to address the problem at hand.

What does turnkey approach mean?

It is an approach to find solutions to a felt problem, in which all possible options for solving the problem will be presented. See cafeteria approach..

Is identifying knowns and unknowns part of the first problem-solving step?

these are the 7 steps to problem solving! and yes it is the first step.... 1. Define and Identify the Problem 2. Analyze the Problem 3. Identifying Possible Solutions 4. Selecting the Best Solutions 5. Evaluating Solutions 6. Develop an Action Plan 7. Implement the Solution

What cannot be a solution?

A problem or issue cannot be considered a solution. Solutions are typically actions, strategies, or methods applied to address a problem or overcome a challenge.