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just draw lines opposite of each other but not connected. and just make the ray the opposite direction of the other and you have it done.

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Q: How Two rays that are not parallel to each other and never intersect?
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Do horizontal lines intersect?

No, horizontal lines are parallel to each other and parallel lines never intersect.

Two lines which are always the same distance from each other and never intersect?

Parallel lines are always the same distance from each other and never intersect.

If two parallel lines are perpendicular to the same line do the lines intersect?

the parallel lines never intersect each other but they both intersect the line they are perpendicular to

What is parallel theorem?

Parallel lines never intersect and remain equal distance from each other

When are intersecting lines also parallel?

no. if they touch, then they cannot be parallel.

Two lines that never intersect?

The answer would be parallel lines these lines never meet or cross each other.

What is paralell line?

Parallel lines are equidistant from each other and never intersect.

What is the intersection of parallel lines?

Parallel lines never intersect because they remain equidistance from each other.

Will parallel line ever meet each other?

they never can- parrelell lines can never intersect ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------

What are lines that do not intersect in geometry?

Parallel lines remain equal distance apart and never intersect each other.

What are lines that never intersect?

Lines that never intersect are either parallel or skew to each other. If they're both in the same plane (or on the same piece of paper), then they're parallel.

Do parallel line intersect?

In Euclidean geometry, parallel lines never intersect. They go this way forever and never intersect but watch this typing. _______________ _______________ In non-Euclidean geometry, they intersect when the faces are uneven.