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A cube is a 3D figure. A square is a 2D shape.

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a square is 2-d and a cube is 3-d

EDIT BY A BETTER ANSWER ( a square has area but a cube has volume)

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a square has four edges, one face

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Q: How are a cube and square different?
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How are a cube and a sphere different?

a cube and a sphere are different because is more of a square shape and a sphere is cylindrical

How is a square pyramid and a cube different?

In a square pyramid, there are triangles as some of the sides. Only the base is a square, whereas in a cube, all faces are squares.

How are positive square roots different?

The answer depends on "different from WHAT?" Positive cube roots, or negative square roots?

How is cuboid different to the cube?

A cube is a 3D square while cuboid is a 3D rectangle

What are the Different concept of cube and cone?

Well a cube is square in shape and a cone has a circular base.

How is a cube different from a rectangular prism?

A cube is like a square and a rectangular prism is like a rectangle.

What is a different name for the cube?

A threedeesquare ( a 3d square) LOL

How is the cubiod different to the cube?

All faces of a cube are square. A cuboid has 4 or 6 rectangular faces.

How squares and cubes are alike and different?

square is 2D cube is 3D a cube consists of six squares

How are the cube and square pyramid different?

they have straight lines and like potetoes

What is the opposite of a cube?

a square because a square is in a cube!!!

How is the square different from a diagram of a cube?

The diagram, or net of a cube shows what the cube would look like unfolded and also shows the surface area.A square is just a square; a 2-dimensional object, whereas a cube is a 3-dimensional object. But the net of a cube couldhave squares, if you were to look at each single unit of the net of the cube.

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