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The hypothesis and the Data are related because the hypothesis is what you think is going to happen, and if you're right, then that becomes the data

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Q: How are a hypothesis and data related?
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How are models related to theories and hypothesis?

A model is an explanation of why an event occurs, and how data and events are related. So theories and hypothesis are testable statements and broad generalizations to compare data and to collect data.

What should you do if your data doesnt support your hypothesis?

Reevaluate your hypothesis, or reject the hypothesis. You should also recheck your data.

What happens when a hypothesis is not supported by data?

When a hypothesis is not supported by data, two possibilities exist. The hypothesis can either be rejected and a new one is formulated, or more data is required to retest the hypothesis.

How are data and hypothesis different?

A hypothesis comes before data. A hypothesis is an estimated guess to what will happen. And Data is the steps it takes to come to a solution in a problem.

How can data not support your hypothesis?

If your hypothesis is totally incorrect then it is quite likely that the data will not support it.

What happens in an experiment when the data does not support your hypothesis?

You need to rethink your hypothesis so it is supported by the data.

What is the difference between a data and a hypothesis?

data is something where you chart something and a hypothesis is a educational guess

What is it mean when a hypothesis is accepted?

This means the data supported the hypothesis.

What can you write when your hypothesis is correct?

You write that the data supported your hypothesis.

What do scientist do when their data does not support their hypothesis?

Discard or change the hypothesis.

What should be done with the data that does not support the hypothesis?

If data is an outlier, or does not fit with the other data, omit it. If the information gathered does not support your hypothesis, and you are sure that you have correct data that supports your hypothesis, check your information again, and maybe to the experiment again. If the data does not support your hypothesis and it is correct data, then you need to state this and why it is so in the discussion and the conclusion.

What if hypothesis is not supporter by the data has been collected and analyzed?

If the experimental data does not support the hypothesis, then the hypothesis is "falsified", meaning that it has been shown to be false. The hypothesis must be revised or discarded.

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