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The median is kind of like the middle number. When you have a set of number you need to sort them from least to greatest, then look for you number that is in the exact middle of them all, that number is your median, if there isn't a number in the exact middle you would add your two middle numbers together, then divide by two and that is your median.

The mode is the number that occurs most, so when you sort your data from least to greatest lets say you have one 13, three 14's, and eight 15's your mode would be 15 seeing as that is the number that occurs the most.

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Q: How are median and mode the different?
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How is the mode different from the median?

the mode and median are completely different the mode is the number that occurs the most and the median is the number in the middle of the data chart ex. 14, 24, 24, 35, 83, 92, 123 the mode is 24 and the median is 35 hope it helped

What is the mean median and mode and range of 3456 560 435 456?

The mean is 1226.75. The median is 508. There is no mode, as each number is different.

What are different measures of central tendency?

Mean median and mode

How can two data sets with different numbers have the same mean median and mode?

(10,10,30,30,30,50,50) (20,20,30,30,30,40,40) These two sets have the same mean, median and mode.

What is similar for the Median and Mode in math?

Median and mode are in mathematics.

Who discovered the mean median and mode?

who discovered mean median and mode

Why is a median different from a mode?

Median is the middle of a set of numbers. The mode is the most common number to appear in a set of numbers. This answer is true unlike most others on wikipedia.

How do you find the median and the mode of 891011?

four ages 8,9,10,11 what is the median and the mode

What are the mean median range and mode of 5436?

median= 4&3 range=3 mode= no mode

How is the range different from the mean median and mode?

because the range is Just the biggest - the smallest the mode is the most often number that comes out at least twice and median is the middle number

What is the outlier of the mean median and mode?

The median and mode cannot be outliers. For small samples a mode could be an outlier.

What is a mode and median?

Mode is the most repeated number, median is the adverage out of all numbers

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