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Because they are both 3 dimensional

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Q: How are solid figures and plane figures alike?
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What are the types of plane and solid figures?


How is a rhombus and a hexagon alike?

They are both closed plane figures bounded by straight lines.

What are solid figures with 10 plane faces called please?


How are rectangular pyramids and rectangular prisms alike?

They are both 3d solid figures based on rectangles.

What was the difference between solid analYtic geometry and plane analYtic geometry?

solid geometry deals with 3 dimensional figures while plane geometry deals with 2 dimensional.

How do you calculate the perimeter of the cone?

You don't. Perimeter is a concept associated with plane figures, not solid shapes.

How many sides does a figure have?

2 dimensional (plane) figures can have three or more straight edges as sides. 3 dimensional (solid) figures can have four or more plane sides (faces). They can have fewer sides if the sides are not straight.

What solid figures have just six faces?

cube rectangular prism anything with 8 vertices on the 3d plane

What figures are not solid?

A solid figure is a three-dimensional figure, such as a tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, or icosahedron. A non-solid figure, such as a triangle, square, pentagon, etc... is a plane figure.

What plane figures can you make if you trace one?

The number of plane figures that can be traced, is that every plane figure can be traced!

Are circles plane figures?

Yes, plane figures are flat, not 3-dimensional shapes.

Area and perimeter of plane figures?

the area and perimeter of the plane figures are square ,rectangle